Euan Frizzell

Photo: Euan Frizzell

Euan was Susan’s second intern, following in the footsteps of Jeremy - a daunting and impossible challenge. After overcoming the “American” language barrier and convincing Susan that he spoke English, he settled in well and was soon allowed to talk to Susan’s clients and senior candidates on the condition he didn’t exceed 90 words a minute. Euan loved every minute of his year with Bishop Partners and was so inspired that he entered into a career in Executive Search when he returned to the United Kingdom.

He joined Harvey Nash in 2004 and is now a Senior Consultant working on senior and board level roles across a wide range of industry sectors including retail, FMCG, industry and the public sector. He is also responsible for Harvey Nash Leadership Services which assists clients with their talent acquisition, assessment and development.

Euan graduated in 2003 from the  University of Aberdeen. with MA Hons in English and Film Studies. A keen bagpiper Euan is walking cliché and can often be found in a kilt, eating shortbread whilst drinking whiskey and irn-bru at any Scottish sporting event. He now lives in Clapham Junction, London but harbors aspirations of returning to New York to open a show on Broadway before retiring to a remote cottage in the lowlands of Scotland with his chanter, dog Hamish and supplies of Taramosalata and Kettle Crisps.

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