Mentoring is a Two Way Street

Bishop Partners - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Do you engage in a mentoring relationship in your professional life? Do you realize how much you might give back to your Mentor?


Traditionally, you may think that a mentorship program is one in which the senior professional offers guidance to the young mentee. And that is true. However, a great mentoring relationship goes two ways. The Mentor and his or her Company can learn and benefit from mentoring you! While your Mentor may have years of experience on you, young Mentees can offer a fresh perspective. Tapping into “digital natives” (those of us who have grown up with digital technology) can benefit your mentor who may still be grappling with technology. The two way relationship in turn will benefit both of your companies.


For example, at Bishop Partners, our CEO Susan Bishop mentors me (her intern), teaching me the executive recruitment field and passing on her knowledge of media, particularly traditional media. In return, I pass on what I have learned about ways to approach social media for our firm, being well attuned to the digital environment we are in.


If you are lucky, you will find a mentor who is active in a Mentoring Association or Group. Bishop Partners is part of the Women in Media Mentoring Initiative (WIMMI), founded by Jack Myers. It encourages a 2 way mentoring relationship for women in all stages of their careers for professional development, lifestyle management and for lasting friendships.


A brief internet search will show several mentoring organizations like WIMMI in many different business areas (Try search words like “national mentoring associations”) as well as ways to find a mentor.  You are never too old to learn or too young to help others learn!


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Natalie Ngu

Research and Social Media Manager

Bishop Partners