Social Media: Are You Protected?

Bishop Partners - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are you a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn user?

Do you have friends, family, co-workers or even your boss following your social media pages? If so, read on.

If at all possible, keep your work life separate from your social life. This can be difficult, so if you can’t, here are a few reminders:


1.)    Your privacy settings are key. If your co-workers are following you, remember that what you put onto your social media can affect how they perceive you in the workplace. Think twice before uploading pictures and making comments. Alternatively, alter your settings so certain groups can see your Facebook statuses, pictures etc.

2.)    NEVER make bad comments about your experiences at work. Broadcasting your troubles is a definite no. Keep any issues you have private. You never know when it will backfire on you.

3.)    Remember that wherever you are, even in online communities, you are representing your company.

4.)    Information on individuals is easily available on the internet. Be sure you keep your professional demeanour at all times.


At Bishop Partners, we have had a few occasions when client companies have decided to not pursue a candidate based on a simple Facebook or Twitter search, and finding less than professional pictures and comments. Make sure that person isn’t you!


Next week: Why Everyone Needs a LinkedIn Profile


Natalie Ngu

Research and Social Media Manager

Bishop Partners