The Power of a LinkedIn Profile Picture

Bishop Partners - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If you do, do you have a profile picture?

Recruiters place great importance on your profile picture. A lack of one can indicate laziness at work. If you do not present yourself well on the professional networking site, it can affect how recruiters perceive you in the workplace.

You may think that you need to remain confidential, but this works against the ethos of LinkedIn! The site seeks to provide a professional networking environment. You shouldn’t be afraid of your Manager seeing you active on LinkedIn, he or she probably is too.

More importantly, if you don’t have a profile picture, your profile will not be at 100% (complete). This means that your profile will not appear on the first few pages of a search. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage!

Finding the right picture – at Bishop Partners, we view many LinkedIn profiles and are here to advise on what not to do. Pictures with your loved ones and pets may be cute, but keep it to Facebook. A sole picture of you, ideally looking straight at the camera works. LinkedIn is a professional site, so avoid pictures including alcohol and partying. You wouldn’t want your boss to see this picture, so why would you want any potential employers to?

Last but not least, remember that a smile goes a long way!


Next week: LinkedIn Groups


Natalie Ngu

Research and Social Media Manager

Bishop Partners