Jenny Cuthbert

Photo: Jenny CuthbertJenny Cuthbert joined Bishop Partners from St Andrews, Scotland, in 2010 as a Mountbatten Intern in our Research Department.

Prior to joining Bishop Partners, Jenny worked for the Farmore Group, a group of retail and design companies, where she centered on PR and Marketing as well as providing business support to the team. In addition, Jenny has previously worked in customer care in a luxury chalet in the Swiss Alps and as a lifeguard in the US.

Jenny received a BA Honors Degree in History from the University of Newcastle. Her degree focused on the Italian Renaissance which is a subject she is passionate about and continues to explore.

Jenny is a qualified Alpine Ski Instructor after completing the British Association of Snowsports Instruction (BASI) course in 2006. She also enjoys playing lacrosse and was a member of the International Scotland Lacrosse Squad.

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