Sarah Dixon

Photo: sarah dixon

Sarah joined Bishop Partners in January 2008 from Aberdeen, Scotland as our 6th Mountbatten Intern. She worked as a PA, as well as managing client and candidate research in support of all the search activity. 

Sarah arrived in New York shortly after graduating with an Honors degree in History. In her final year at university she spent a month in Washington D.C where she worked in a role in PR at the museum at the Washington Navy Yard. It was on this trip that she was able to visit New York for the first time and set about making plans to come back on the Mountbatten Internship Program.

 Sarah is now living and working in Glasgow, Scotland for a digital agency called Tictoc, in business development/sales and marketing. Tictoc designs and builds websites, microsites, intranets, extranets and provide online marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media strategies.

 After developing a passion for yoga whilst practicing with Susan Bishop in New York, Sarah is now enrolled in a yoga teacher training course in Glasgow. She also enjoys travel and cooking and will hopefully be taking a trip back to New York to visit soon!

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